Virtual Business Trends

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Virtual Business Trends


As technology has grown and gas has gotten more expensive per gallon, the trend of doing business virtually has exploded. Business can be broadly categorized by sector, primary or secondary. Companies are operating across borders more conveniently than ever before in which technology has played a great role. Owning a virtual company means being able to do business from your home, or from a much smaller scaled office – without all the expensive overhead associated with a bricks and mortar company. And less overhead means more profit. According to Campbell. A 2006, for a virtual business to survive and thrive, however, it must be able to deliver on its promises. If this trend continues (and all signs point in that direction), performance not size, will become the measure by which a company will be judged.

The new media world has finally arrived, it’s a wild frontier market in which youthful demographics are the prize and tech savvy adventurists are the one who leads the way. In this digital gold rush companies prefer to have their global presence, even small companies are now able to follow such trend. Due to the global recession of 2008 and 2009 has dampened free trade – enthusiasm, while problem have discouraged some U. S. companies from outsourcing their overall customer service function from Asian countries (Cetron. M, 2010). The overall environment of workplace if changing fundamentally and getting the right job is becoming hard to find. Profitability appears to be more important to corporations than loyal employees as they merge, downsize and relocate with time. One startling prediction suggests that up to 70 per cent of the jobs that will be available in 2020 haven’t even been invented yet (Mcmaham. K, 2006)


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