Social Networking

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Social Networking


In this rapidly varying business nature, organizations are trying their level best in order to develop competitive advantage by every possible way available to them.

The latest tools and other techniques that are available to the companies are developed for the purpose to expand their in house operations that will help them grow further. For any company one of the most basic and successful tool that can be use is the development of Internet with the help of which, the way companies do business now has changed.

Some great development in the developed countries has been observed in the use of social networking tools and other related technologies. For organizations to be able to compete in this global economy social networking has become a great platform for small and big companies. According to Tullier, 2004 stated that the way companies design their social networks for people who can share their interests or present themselves on the global scale has now become a need for almost every one.

Social networking was initially considered as the configuration of people for different purposes. One can say that Social Networking was not created after the arrival of Internet but it existed since long before (Cheryl et al., 2008). It existed because of the need that people had to get themselves involved with others for various reasons; the same principle was later implemented in the business context and named as SOCIAL NETWORKING. In the context of business the need to communicate internally and externally has now become a universal condition, through which they promote and advertise themselves in different markets.


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