Smart Meters

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Smart Meters


Smart meter is a tool used to record the consumption of electricity, water or natural gas. These meters record the consumption after a specific interval of time, usually 30 minutes or an hour. The data collected through these meters is sent wirelessly to the utility companies. This new type of digital meters makes use of wireless technology, in order to enable two-way communication between the meter and the utility companies.

These meters are installed at every location, just like the conventional meters, but they don’t need to be read manually by visiting. These meters make use of wireless technology to send and receive data from the energy service provider. Different types of wireless technologies are being used to form the network that allows all the meters (also known as access points) to be connected to utility access points, which are being used as the data collection points, from which the data is sent to the utility companies. Wires are also being used to transmit the data, as many consumers are voicing concerns over the potential harm caused by the wireless signals to a human body. Wireless technologies being used include GPRS, GSM, and WiMax etc.


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