Influence of culture on the use of Information System

Subject: MIS500: Foundations of Information Systems

Word count: 1200

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The technology adoption plays a major role in the success of any organization as the technological advancements can often evolve as a source of competitive advantage for any business (Roddy, 2011). However, technological adoption is not straightforward as all organizations may not be equally ready for a change. This readiness is dependent on the organisational culture which is dependent on several factors including leadership, communication, employee participation, organizational fit, and organizations processes (Self et al., 2007).


This report analyses the cultural readiness at ‘Neulife’ towards information system and digital disruption. ‘Neulife’ is a Sports Nutrition Company in India that manufactures and sells its private labels as well as distributes products by various international companies. The company was established in 1999 when there was no health supplements industry in the country. Currently, the company sells its products through stores as well as through its e-commerce platform (Neulife, 2020).


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