China’s One Child Policy and its Effects

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's One Child Policy and its Effects


Here we will be discussing a unique law, imposed and being strictly followed since last 30 years in the world’s second largest country by land area, having world’s biggest population of 1.3 billion, China. Today China is fastest growing economy on earth, but when we go few years back in the past, we see China as communist country famous for its Great Wall of China. In the beginning when the development in China was in initial levels, population was increasing whereas the resources were inadequate. Ruling governments were facing problems in making available food equally among the masses. Visualizing the future and planning for better progress, the leaders took up the initiative to control the fast growing population. In the 1960s. China’s large population was growing so rapidly that there was a serious threat of mass starvation (Miller, Spoolman, 2008).

In 1979, the then Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping established a policy, banning birth of the second child. The couples were allowed only to have one child. Though this policy was announced as a “temporary measure”, but till today it is being pursued.  The one-child policy is perhaps the best example of the state’s inability to cope with the strain on China’s natural resources posed by its rapidly growing population (Becker, 2000). The policy was implemented with a set of regulations, relaxation for having a second was given on certain conditions. Couples abiding by the one child policy were encouraged by awarding different benefits like better jobs, medical facilities, better education, preferential treatment in obtaining governmental assistance, etc. whereas for those going against the policy were fined, better jobs were not offered and their participation in social activities were not encouraged. Secondly, the parents were to bear the education burden of the second child from their own expenses. However there are certain relaxation for urban couples allowing them conceive two Childs. Couples who are themselves only child to their parents can opt for a second child, if the first child is born with some disability and if the first child is a girl couple can seek permission for the second.


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