Casualisation at Workplace in Australia

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Casualisation at Workplace in Australia


There are many areas in which Australia has developed in an immense manner and one of them is management of current diverse workforce and industry. Diverse workforce can be stated in terms of different culture, language, ethnicity, color, country, geography and so on. In the countries like Australia, there are great ranges of multinational, multicultural companies in which a great range of people are working these days.  Diversity can be stated from the reference of industries as well because there are several unique types of industries working and casualisation is helpful to complete the demand of those industries.

Casualisation has been defined in a negative way such as bad conditions of employments. Some people broadly state that casualisation is linked to low wages, insecurity, overtime, non-standard working environments (Wright 2005). On the other hand, casualisation has some different, positive and strong meanings in Australia; it is defined as the casual work performs by diverse workforce as much as they can. The meanings of casualisation are less narrow than other countries


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