Case of Whiteboard Company

Subject: MIS603: Microservices Architecture

Word count: 3200

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Whiteboard is a well-known company offering reliable student and learning management systems (LMS) to several universities and educational institutes supporting over 10 million students across the world. Whiteboard’s LMS aids the institutions in managing the chores throughout the lifecycle of students starting from their enrolment to tuition fee payments, academic record maintenance and issuance of certificates. As the company is utilizing the monolithic system of IT for enabling its LMS software, it has been facing several obstacles due to which the CTO (Chief Technology Officer) has decided to make a shift towards micro-service based model. In order to do so, this report has been structured so that CTO can be advised on how to achieve the objective of producing codes that operate in isolation instead of being dependent on the other components across the system. The report has the following sections:

Section 1: In this section, the micro-services architecture will be defined and will be compared to the monolithic system as followed by Whiteboard currently.

Section 2: In this section, the renowned companies that utilize micro-service architecture based IT will be outlined along with the advantages they reap, the challenges they face and the lessons they’ve learnt.

Section3: In this section, the relevant principles of service modeling and technologies will be outlined like Rest-API.

Section 4: This section will discuss the challenges that Whiteboard could face during transiting from monolithic system towards micro-service architecture.

Section 5: In the last section, several legal, ethical and security issues associated with micro-service architecture transitioning process will be discussed. In the end, conclusion and recommendations are made to follow a smooth transition towards micro-service architecture from monolithic model.


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