Workplaces nowadays are more open and tolerant

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The statement that “Workplaces nowadays are more open and tolerant” is true and this essay explains why above statement is true. It supports above arguments with facts and shows various examples which clearly depict that workplaces today have become more open compared to past also they have become more tolerant overtime. The essay is supported by past research related to it as explained below.


Legge (n.d.) emphasized that Human resource management related policies and procedures of the firm must be in line with the company’s strategy as they can have an impact towards achieving firm’s objectives. Also these human resources policies if properly developed can be a source of competitive advantage for the firm. Furthermore these policies can be source of cultivating flexibility among employees to achieve the fundamental goals and objectives. Hence HR policies are seen as an effective tool towards achieving firm’s mission, this argument also explains the importance of human resource department in today’s dynamic world.


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