The Virtual Case File

Subject: Criminology

Word count: 3000

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The Virtual Case File


The traumatic and politically explosive terror attacks of 9/11 did not only shake the world but it ignited a series of critical accusations by the governmental and media circuits regarding the inadequacy of FBI’s prevailing information technology infrastructure. In a rush to put an end to the sudden wave of official encroachment on their efficiency, the FBI authorities decided to dedicate a huge amount of expenditure ($170 million) to develop on an immediate basis brand new and up-to-date information collect and data transmitting software known as the Virtual Case File which was code named Trilogy. Their motto was to change the entire existing system, increase authentic information sharing within the FBI and to modernize its obsolete IT infrastructure. VCF was supposed to replace the paper-intensive process of collecting and managing every form of data and evidence with an electronic web-based hand on system to facilitate instant information sharing within the department. Eventually this project was officially aborted due to several factors which need to be addresses and understood.


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