A System to Record and Report Cyber Crimes

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System to Record and Document Cybercrime


Internet and computers have changed working, communication, meeting and business requirements and conditions all over globe. Due to this high profile technology, everyone can share any activity that was unexpected and unimaginable few decades back. It was the imagination of people that they will live their lives in this manner and do their business quickly and imagination and dream has come true with the introduction of internet only. Modern society is now associated with internet and related technologies, over a quarter of the world’s population is wired into the net  and this number is growing every day (Grossman 2000).

The importance of business and daily routine life cannot be imagined without internet, it is a source of enjoyment in terms of games, movies, songs, social chatting, and communication, ideas sharing, education and so on. In reality, no one can rebuff importance on internet these days in any part of life (UN Doc 1990 p.162-163).

Although, it is a great invention by human but as all know that everything has two sides, one is bright and other one is dark. Internet also has a dark side as well. Through evolution of internet, certain crimes have been developed into new forms of crimes and new ways to commit old forms of crimes. There was no phishing, hacking, and malware attacks before internet in the world, but currently, frauds, theft and terrorism activities have been shaped into cyber crimes these days (UNICRI Survey 2012).


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