System to Record and Document Cybercrime

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A system to Record and Report Cyber Crimes - Thesis


Currently, cyber crime is one of the biggest issues in the discussion and because of these crimes, several companies, people and government institutes are greatly affected negatively. In the advanced countries like U.S, Australia, and Canada there are proper agencies who are operating against this crime. This speedily rising and emerging crime is known as cybercrime including various types such as malware, viruses, ATM’s and credit card frauds. There are many categories of cybercrimes and different types of entities are affected due to these crimes.

The first part of this report is focused on the nature, importance and benefits of reporting cybercrimes in the middle-east countries especially Saudi-Arabia, in this country there is no sufficient system to support victims. In this part, I have identified and realized the deep importance of reporting issues and attacks related to cybercrimes on the systems and important documents. This is a big security issue and it cannot be controlled until people report such incidents to the law enforcement agencies. Most importantly, it is a special type of crime and for these sorts of crime a special sort of agency should be established in the countries like Saudi Arabia because to control over these crimes. In that sort of middle-east country, people are not even aware that how to detect cybercrime (AJBAILI 2009).

While trying to focus on the importance of reporting cybercrime, the next part of discussion is impact and cost of cybercrimes. As I said, there are several types of cybercrimes like malware attacks, phishing attacks, credit card frauds, ATM’s card hacking, and website damage etc. Each type of cybercrime has its impact, some cybercrime such as money transferring by hacking passwords, websites damaged, and control are the big cybercrimes and there is huge impact as well due to weak systems, pirated software. Sexual harassment, pornography, e-mailing, viruses are considered to be small cybercrime categories but still it is needed to control these sorts of crimes as well. So, I can clearly say that each type of crime has different level of impact and so as with the cost (AJBAILI 2009).


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