Suicide and Culture

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Suicide and Culture


Suicide carries a social and moral meaning in all societies over the world for the individual and population levels. The suicide rate has long been understood to correlate with cultural, social, political, and economic forces (Australian DHHS, 2010).

Suicide is not everywhere linked with pathology and can represent’s as a cultural solution to certain situations. The interpretation of that, cross cultural all over the world, can have such an influential effect on mental illness and suicide, including western cultures, such as Australia (ibid).

Society and culture plays a huge role in how people reply to and the interpretation of mental health and suicide. Culture influences is the way in expressing and experience mental health and mental illness as well as the ability to access care seek (ibid).

It is important that the care needing to be according to the individuals’ belonging  such as racial, ethnic, religious, and cultural groups. Cultures have a deep impact on suicide risk and protective factors as well as the types of treatment that can power to get involve reducing suicide (ibid).


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