Strategic Planning for ICT Courses

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Strategic Planning for ICT Courses


It is seen that IT has modified its role from the back stage to the front line especially in the business strategy (Henderson 1998). It is said that the ideal complement of business strategy with the IT strategy will come up with success-oriented plan. However, IT is still facing poor attention from business bodies as an important part of strategic plan (Frohman 1982 and McKeen 1996). IT is not playing a supportive role rather it is the base of many businesses especially e-Commerce and wireless business. We know that IT has become crucial part of business success stories, so it is important to look at the different aspects of the strategic utilization of IT. Here is a brief evolution of IT strategy in development process.

With the changing technology, the business environment and infrastructure is also modified to introduce relevant tools and equipment in the offices. Therefore, ICT courses must be market driven, so that many students would consider it as their priority to take admission in this university. These courses must be intended to illustrate the uses in business.


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