Smart Phone Users Behaviour Analysis

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Smart Phone Users Behaviour Analysis - Report


The usage of social media and communal networking still continues, to increase around the world (Blackwell, D, 2001). Globally the trend towards using highly technical gadgets such as smart phones is on an all time high, specifically in the United States 8 out of 10 internet users currently making use of social media network, according to a new study by “In-Sites Consulting” (2012), the use of social media is enthused by the mounting use of the number of smart-phones around the world.  It is a fact that Consumers with a smart-phone make more rigorous use of social networking sites than those without a mobile Internet connection. People with a smart-phone are also more brand loyal and technology forward (Travel Agent, 2012).

The study by In-Sites Consulting, also shows that, smart-phones lead to further growth of social media. 44 percent of U.S. internet users have a smart-phone with an internet subscription, 17 percent have a tablet. The increase in the number of smart-phones and tablets causes an increase in the use of social media Comor, E. (2000).

73 percent of people with mobile Internet use social media every day, this is 63 percent for people without a mobile connection. Social media applications are also quite popular; the report says (Iftode et al, 2004, P.88).

In popular practice many smart phone manufacturing companies are concerned about the number of buyers and sales but what they miss out on, is a fair opportunity of interacting and collaborating with their target customers Comor, E. (2000).

By understanding behaviour of consumer, marketers and practitioners in marketing field can reach the consumer with appropriate strategy. However, consumer behaviour is a complex field to understand it because the behaviour has changed overtime and a consumer affects by several factors such as psychological, social and cultural elements.


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