Sales and Service Department Assessment Report

Subject: Sales and Service

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Sales and Service Department Assessment Report


This is an assessment based report from the Sales and Service department manager addressed to the Senior Executive of this Retail Merchandise Business. Being practical and professional, I feel if there is some kind of misconduct happening at any level it should be addressed immediately so that the name and reputation of the business is left unharmed. This report’s mission is to enlighten the concerned authorities about the ongoing mismanagement at the workplace. It will further provide a strategic pattern of necessary changes worked out by myself to tackle with this situation aptly.

Registering department can be termed as the procedural backbone of any retail business. The need of the day is to target these issues promptly in a way that the staff’s motivation levels are heightened and their workability is also improved.

The first step towards maintaining a fair balance within the work place is to appreciate the existence of friendlier environment but the line should be drawn through an authoritative order between the seniors and the junior staff. The rule for observing respectful behavior and obedient attitude should be made mandatory for every personnel working under the managerial level employees.


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