Research Template for Candidature Proposal


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Research Template for Candidature Proposal


The candidature proposal is your opportunity to plan your research and present this plan to your academic colleagues in the faculty.  It needs to convince the university that the research has merit and should be supported.

Postgraduate committee members who read your proposal may not be expert in your particular field.  It is therefore important the proposal be written in plain language, not assume any prior knowledge, and any technical terms be kept to a minimum and be defined.

Brevity is essential. The proposal document must not exceed 12 pages, excluding title page and reference list. It should be presented in 12-point typeface. A minimum margin of 2.5 cm is suggested.

Comments received from your mentor group should be heeded and be reflected in amendments or redrafting as agreed with them. The proposal will then proceed to the faculty postgraduate research committee for consideration and approval.

Sometimes revisions will be requested before the proposal can be finally approved. Do not be discouraged by this. Critical peer review is a normal part of the academic process and does not imply that you do not have the ability or your research will not be successful. It is simply a way of ensuring that the foundations for your research are as sound and strong as possible.  Once your candidature is approved, you can commence the research (subject to ethics approval where relevant).

We aim to ensure that you complete your thesis with the minimum of amendments and the most positive assessment by examiners.  Gaining candidature approval is the first step on the journey to achieving an excellent outcome from your research degree.



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