Research and Evaluation: Mobile Learning in Education

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In education, the development of mobile applications and the progress of wireless technologies have been remarkable (Khaddage, Muller & Flintoff, 2016). In recent times, for a number of educationalists, mobile technology in the domain of teaching and learning has turned out to be one of the salient topics of research (Ally & Prieto-Blázquez, 2014). These days, for lots of organizations, mobile learning (M-learning) is a strategic theme associated with education (Ally & Prieto-Blázquez, 2014). Following four research papers will accentuate the influence of this educational technology on education.

In this quantitative research study, the researchers analyzed the influence of mobile technology on the attitudes, commitment, and learning of students. With the aim of evaluating attitudes, commitment, and critical thinking of students with regard to collaborative learning, this study involves the assessment of student learning in three diverse learning surroundings, both including as well as excluding mobile technology. Further, the chief intended audience of this research are educationalist, researchers, students and parents.


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