Report on Vietnamese Restaurant

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Report on Vietnamese Restaurant


Through out the life of a business, there will be countless number of changes that the business will need to make in order to improve on certain aspects or to avoid any existing issues…etc. and changes are essential not only to the business but also to individuals as well. Comparing a well-prepared and detailed plan of the change with one that is done poorly can lead a business to very different paths. The business that this report will be based on is a Vietnamese & Chinese restaurant located in Footscray, Victoria. The business is called Hao Phong and has a total of 8 staffs covering all shifts during the week. Hao Phong is a small business that has been opened since 2008. The business opens seven days a week and their busiest times are the weekends, especially during dinner hours. The business’ mission statement is “We aim to provide the most delicate and genuine oriental cuisines on an everyday basis with the help of our dedicated and career loving staff members”.

The purpose of this report is to show readers the process, as well as different aspects should be considered when proposing a change to an organization or business.


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