Report on Small Housing Australia

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The purpose of this report is to assess the presence of Tiny Homes and Shipping Container Homes which have become a rising trend in the Australian, and the international housing market in the contemporary world. The reason for this being directly proportional to housing affordability, which is getting more difficult by the day, has initiated a trend by which potential homeowners are reverting to such homes for the purpose of utility and affordability. In the past 20 years, housing prices have seen a rise, with little relief for those who cannot afford to but need to buy them.

After all, they need a place to live, and that too within their own means. For this reason, Small Housing Australia provides them with an opportunity to realize their goals, in an environment which is becoming more and more adverse in the proper housing domain. Our initiative provides a cheaper, simpler and much more convenient means for the customer to build a home for themselves and for their family. As a small-housing initiatives company, it urges the local and federal bodies to grant their cooperation and support for the purpose of developing such housing means in the Australian suburbs.


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