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Efficient and effective human resource management are the lifeblood of business in the globe and this is true in manufacturing and the services sector. However, in a service sector like hotels and hospitality, the managerial training of the staff is significant, the qualifications, and the school- based learning is not necessary when it comes to the practical perspective. It is only by the means of continuous development and knowledge updating of staff, to increase the potential output from each individual. Managing a highly-skilled team of personals, from the floor mopped to the senior cooks, Chef de Partie, and chief head.  Thus the only method of a successful hotel management is the focused improvement maintenance and support of all personnel with the highlighting of a good-quality as well as highly-skilled management staff, which the hotel business can arrive at its full trade and commerce prospective. The main area of “Reception”, with all of its major role of marketing and advertising for the business, and acting as the liaison of the operating hotel management, plays the vital role as the “brain” in the human body, the front office employees undertake the essential task of building up the hotel’s image, the goodwill plus the reputation of the hotel in the market and amongst its competitors. Therefore the qualification and the updating trainings are vital for the running of the business, and maintain its competitive position among its competitors. An increasing number of investigations in China and elsewhere are paying attention on the learning of the individual knowledge, abilities and skills (KSA) in the hotel’s main office (Jameson & Hargraves, 1999).


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