Report on Climate Change

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World is going through a phase of climate change. This climate change has influenced the business operations around the world. Especially in the under developed countries the impact of climate change is quite evident. Assessments of adaptation (i.e. response to the impacts of climate change) are linked to the development status of developing countries and those with economic in transition (McMichael, 2003).

Mike Sewell FCPA, a general manager and company secretary in, “The Nossal Institute For Global Health,” an Australian based company involved in improving health conditions in under developed countries, observed that such countries with shortage of resources and poor infrastructure are more exposed to the effects of climate changes.

Sewell emphasized the need to accept the fact that things are really changing in our world and to save our next generation all the communities have to unite and take some action.

He laid more responsibilities on accountants in designing the schemes for minimizing the effects of climate change. Claiming that such schemes may be expensive but contrarily it will benefit our upcoming generation in future.


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