Report on Change Management

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Planning for constant change in organizations has become a necessity for survival, to be able to improve business performance and at the same time retain stability amongst competitors, requires proper planning that has to be done by the senior management (Olsen. E, 2009). Change management is generally considered as a basic skill for which most managers and leaders need to be competent about. The overall process of identifying organizations, immediate and long-term objectives require specific strategies to be monitored regularly.


Darell Lea is a well-known confectionary brand that was built in Sydney in 1927, by the Lea family, and in no time the company grew to become Australia’s largest privately owned chocolate and confectionary manufacturer (Boley. J, 2013). For companies like Darrell Lea, it is very important to constantly update their system, according to Olsen. E, if companies fail to anticipate or fail to prepare for fundamental changes the chances are that they will lose quality time to combat them.


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