Red Bull Marketing Strategy

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Red Bull Marketing Strategy


In retail stores, companies are selling a variety of products to customers these days. The purpose of selling so many products under roof of retail store is to cater all the basic requirements of the consumers. Our store is also going to launch a new product in one of its stores. If this product is accepted by the customers then store can think of opening same product shop in other stores as well.

The product of the store is “soft drinks bottle shop”.  The major purpose of this report is to find out the strategies which can be successful to run this soft drink bottle shop in the store.

Moreover, the situational analysis will also be carried to review the future prospects of the soft drink bottle shop in the store. Different marketing and promotional strategies shall be taken into consideration as well. The entrepreneurial skills will also be applied to bring this product at the level of maturity of business lifecycle.

In short, the strategy of the stores will be examined while promoting products launch in the market of Sydney.


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