Project Sustainability Management

Subject: Project Management

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The project team of University of Southern Queensland and the department of engineering laboratory are to deliver project sustainability report. The main purpose of this project is to make sure that the construction of Engineering laboratory for engineering students should be build in a safe, expeditious, cost-effective manner, while maintaining the highest standards of architectural, engineering and overall construction quality. With the help of these guidelines it will be easier for the project manager to analyse what options would be better as compare to others.

In the project the use of LCC spreadsheet will help the department in order to determine the effects of standard levels on changes in operating expenses.

The main concern for the project manager is the effects of energy efficiency standards include changes in operating expenses of the laboratory, the core foundation of the LCC methodology is the life-cycle cost equation, which will directly reflect on both the first costs of an item and the present value of the operating costs over the lifetime of the laboratory and its equipments.


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