Organization Learning

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Organization Learning


Global organizations are moving at very high pace, taking the lead is everyone’s desire. Leading organizations faces many challenges to maintain the same. Some are successful but others fail. Every individual has the natural ability to learn it is the smartness that compels that how well it grasp the knowledge and then make use of it.  The exterior and interior environment has always influenced the performance of an organization. The ceaseless market trends, customer requirements, changes in technology and political changes, had made it mandatory for the organizations to align themselves with the changes. Developing organizational knowledge and integrating that knowledge into everyday practice can be a powerful tool for multiplying an organization’s impact, especially as it grows (Milway & Saxton, 2011).

Is it possible that organizations will never learn much until they can create an environment in which individuals are able to learn (Renesch, Chawla, 1995).  The organizations are to be designed and planned in a manner, creating an atmosphere of learning. The role of the management is significant in creating a platform of observing and adopting. Organizations must learn even faster and adapt more seamlessly to changes in the environment or they simply will not survive (marquardt, 2011). The workforce of an organization is not much informed about the global market developments, it’s the manager’s role to maintain a relation with the workforce, making them acquaint with the organization’s goal and the global market trends. Leaders play a key role in fostering a learning culture. Many studies and experts agree that knowledge management is a key leader function (lussier & achua, 2010)


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