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Off Campus Study


In the last few decades the way information is being shared has been changed a lot, freely sharing of information and pervasiveness of the internet have created various new opportunities for teaching and learning. There is a growing concern that such technology provide a convergence between on and off-campus teaching and learning however this convergence takes some strong consideration of the limitation among the off campus learners.

Recently the adaption of new learning systems like LMSs (learning management system) such as black board, open-source and moodle software are becoming more and more common. For various reason the concept of distance education has been strongly criticized as an unacceptable method of teaching, for any subject. The distance learning concept of education has also been criticized from the staff perspective mainly because a lot of advance planning is required, which from the employers point of view is generally considered as inferior form of education, Such practice of education does not provide enough opportunities for students to participate one to one, along with other limitation on opportunity for oral communication, leading to social isolation for students.


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