McDonald’s Scenario planning in China

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's Scenario planning in China


Using traditional planning tool is of significant value, and is the basic requirement in this case. Like geographical mapping, corporate mapping is also an essential document. Hence, incomplete, providing partial information ignoring the constantly changing factors like weather etc. Here, simulation is an effective strategy to get detailed meteorological information (Geus 1988, pp.72).

Scenario planning is one step ahead of such simulation. In this way we narrow down the possibilities into certain steps or scenarios. Every individual scenario takes into account various possibilities. Here, relationship between various elements is appeared to be formal that helps to develop quantitative models. It is better to evaluate the scenario for inner consistency as well as implausibility Interpretation is an important aspect of scenario planning. It is used to challenge the existing patterns (Schoemaker 1991, pp.552).  Organizations facing such critical issues are suggested to use scenario planning.


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