Managing Team Performance

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Managing Team Performance


Planning or fore-casting is an intricate process of formulating future courses of action. It is developing what to do? How to do? , When to do it? An important aspect of planning is linking the organizational mission, goals and objectives and incorporating them to achieve desired outcome such as, Productivity, strategic change etc. Strategic plans are long term goals to be achieved within available resources.  Operational plans are specific plans of action, which are meant to be achieved within available resources. Individual plans are plans or objectives targeted by individuals as entities; they are set according to their own needs and demands. Intermediate planning on the other hand, means determining role and contribution of sub-units within allocated time and resources.

The relationship between strategic planning and operational, individual and intermediate levels of planning is that, it is a cyclical process in which supervisors and entrepreneurs strive to achieve their dreams and aspirations, and turn them into an achievable reality. All three levels of planning help and support each other, one unit cannot work in isolation. The supervisors are mostly responsible for operational level of planning, and if they involve employees in the whole process, it will give them a sense of belongingness and re-assurance that this collaborative effort is well worthy than their individual goals


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