Managing Diversity

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Managing work place diversity is gaining popularity around the world specially in multi national organizations where they have employees working for them from different backgrounds and age group. In order to be able to achieve work place diversity different organizations have implemented on various strategies, some got successful and some went in vein.

Restructuring or flattening the organization can be considered as one of the most common strategies by organizations where by reducing the number of staff with in the organization, employers believe that more work can be assigned to less number of employees and they can be motivated with increase in wages. For some employees increase in their wages is a good and positive sign but not for all, as most of the employees prefer to have work life balance so that they can spend some time with their friends and family members or get involve in other social activities.

At the same time with the rapid advancement in technology a lot of employees are now prefer to work from home and so that they can manage their own time with their own set pace. But not all people are that tech savvy and don’t have the same kind of job. Accordin got Juliet, who mentioned that now organizations are trying to get everything out of their employees, which is not ethical, the whole paradigm of workplace diversity has shifted to new extend.

Many organizations prefer to have family friend infrastructure, by doing so they enable their employees to get more skills and experience.





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