Manage People Performance in Restaurant

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Manage People Performance in Restaurant


The Organization that this Performance evaluation report will be based upon is a small scale restaurant comprised of 40 staff, and it is called “Foodilicious”. The core cuisine that we primarily will be focusing on is South East Asian, mainly Thai and Japanese cuisine. The incoming customers should expect great food, along with quality customer service and a warm atmosphere and ambience, where emphasis is upon creating comfort for the customer.    (Schneier et al, P.3-10)

MIS used for Performance measurement is using the quantitative tools, to weigh performance in terms of a clear-cut goal or projected outcome. It is the use of raw data and, turns it into a useful piece of information and extracts something meaningful out of it. It is ideal system for a small business like this as the manager is involved in all day-to-day activities and has thorough knowledge of all procedures. Managers develop a set of measures that identify changes in performance quality, so that employees can determine what needs to be done to improve performance. By using effective MIS techniques, the manager can plan, co-ordinate, lead and motivate to achieve strategic objectives of the business (Needham, P.574).


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