IT Security Essential

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IT Security Essential


In the 21st century all organizations are in the phase of global competition. Information and data is the basic pillar on which an organization relies and plans their strategy to get a position in the competitive market. More advancement in technologies for information processing and storage, the more risk factor increases for the company. Information Security Plans/system,is the core asset of any successful organization, that it needs to stay competitive and secure. The main purpose of information security is to support the mission of the organization not only in the short run but in the long run as well. An organization information, is always exposed to certain risks, it is the job of IT security professionals to secure the IT system, that store, process or transmit organizational information.

As organizations opt for the most advanced technology to process and storetheir information, Information Security holds the responsibility to safeguard organization’s information assets, from IT related risks.At the same time theabsence of effective Information Security System, may lead to a failure in the confidentiality, integrity and consistency.

Information Security is not an easy task, organization’s top management have to focus on implementing proper tools, a suitable set of controls, processes, procedures and organizational structures.The availability of multiple choice security systems and plans, has added to the responsibility of top managers. An Information Security System that is cost effective, consistent, repeatable, cost-effective and reduce risks to a reasonable level, might be considered.


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