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After attaining global scale, company may be bound to utilize numerous resources and opportunities like global scale, scope, local differences adaptation and tap into best resources and locations associated with global presence. These are important opportunities because after exploiting such opportunities, the global image can be transformed into top global image. The opportunities can be explored and obtained through employing balance between centralized integration and local adaptation approaches through the policies of international human resource functions. When companies achieve global scale then they should not be unperturbed but they may have many opportunities to avail by carrying global scale. The basic idea of exploring this issue is to see what companies are doing and what they should do after reaching to global level.

In this report, it has been discussed that what the major obstacles and challenges associated to these opportunities as well as how centralized integration and local adaption supports to exploit all these opportunities to make a global company, a top level company of the globe. There are several examples of huge companies such as Pepsi, Coke, Microsoft, HP, Dell and Motorola to understand the statement in a very obvious and straightforward mode.

It has been argued that world’s economies are quickly transforming into one global economy, and the differentiation pressures to maintain a global presence and numerous opportunities that flourish therein have considered as most important. The geographic diffusion, mix cultures, new legal and social systems, imports and exports , goods, services and people that the international firm faces adjoins a need for capability and sensitivity is not found in the domestic firm. The development of domestic industries through the potential positive consequence of multinational corporations’ (MNCs) activities, notably via the avenues of transfer of technological and management expertise and sustained economic growth, are among the foremost expectations.


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