Information Systems Strategy Formulation

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Information Systems Strategy Formulation - Case Study


The organizations can bring beneficial information through data technologies like Y2k, Bubble etc. There are many other benefits of these technologies, like they can help in utilizing and analyzing the information more comfortably and generate accurate financial reports within the organization. With the application of modern technology and automated systems, employees, stakeholders and consumers can be protected, because these systems help in making genuine report design. Organizations can maintain information system such as record keeping system on any Oracle or SQL server program. In order to avoid misuse of the data and analysis recorded in the system, the U.S designed SOX law procedures in July 2002 that needed to be followed.

Regulations have never been less important; in fact, without following the legal regulations, no company can run its operations properly. It is the right of the organization to use modern systems to utilize its data and improve the operations; however, it is only possible by abiding by the rules that are defined by the concerned authorities.

There are some major consequences of legal compliances, like huge costs, but it is also needed to be realized that eventually, the organization would have many benefits by focusing on gaining control of the systems and the information.

It is observed that the company is facing problems in data as well as information collection. These types of issues arise in the organizations where the budget of the organization is a bit low. In this case, the organization should try to balance its bottom line focus with its top line focus. As the business conditions around the world change abruptly, the company should focus on the relationship between business and IT fields, according to the needs of the employee as well as the customers. It can only be possible through enhancement of IT infrastructure in this organization. By applying the strategy of top and bottom line focus, this organization can develop system for data and information collection and can also innovate in the future.


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