Why Information System Fails in Organisation

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Why Information System Fails in Organisation


The role of Information System is very significant in today’s competitive environment for the sake of protecting the core capability of any company. Information System helps the official stakeholders of the organization by providing them reliable updates and helps the industries where immediate updates are very crucial; some of these industries are travelling services, stock exchange, banking and the like. Almost all the companies are now investing in to Information System in order to reap the core benefits that it offers. However, these investments do not always end up be reaping benefits; risk is definitely involved in this case and ‘failures’ are unfortunately a part of this very field. Researchers have tried to come up with the major causes for these failures; even academicians have put in their efforts to do so. However, none of them has been able to resolve this complex mystery.

The failure of Information System that causes much trouble for the businesses may be due to either of the many reasons. Many researchers have found out that the failure is not only due to the technological issues. Some other important aspects to be considered are the human resources as well as the operations of the business.

As per various examinations, the failure of an Information System occurs when the assembling is not as per the prescribed design, expenses are beyond prediction, deadlines are not met or when the Information System is unable to cope with the requirements of the customers.  These are not but only a few of the reasons for the failure of Information Systems that have been observed. One of the key points here is that even of the failure of IS occurs, the system should continue operating.


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