History Of Pizza Hut

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History Of Pizza Hut - Assignment


During the past few decades, Pizza Hut has been able to develop an excellent reputation in the minds of consumers. The reputation helped in achieving respect from the experts within the industry and its consumers.  Pizza Hut believed in providing value to its customers. This value includes great service experience, maintained quality and continuous innovation with their offerings. Pizza Hut is a brand which has changed the mindset. Pizza being an specialty as Italian product, has now transformed into the mass market product . The quality of the brand relies on the employees objectives too. The objectives of employees at Pizza Hut are aligned with the organizational goals, resulting with an acceleration in the growth platform of Pizza Hut.

Pizza Hut is owned by YUM! Brands Inc. Other then Pizza Hut, there are various market leading brands such as KFC, A&W, LongJohn Silver’s and Taco Bell are also a part of YUM! Brands Inc.’s portfolio. Started in 1958, Pizza Hut is categorized as one of the largest casual dining restaurant chain, having more than 13000 branches across 92 countries. With approximately 13000 restaurants, Pizza Hut have more than 250,000 employee working to provide best customer service experience.


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