French Culture

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French Culture


France as a country has a population of approximately 58 million people and is one of the largest West European country, approximately 4/5 the size of Texas. France does not have an official religion, but the majority of French citizens are Roman Catholic. France is home to approximately 4.5 million foreigners many of whom are from other European countries or former Communist countries. Education is of great importance to the French as it is considered as a key element of success.  This is demonstrated by the fact that the educational system is almost free of charge from the primary school through the Ph.D. level for French citizens (France Business Etiquette, 1998). According to the Geert Hofstede analysis for France illustrates the importance on uncertainty avoidance. The high uncertainty avoidance ranking indicates France’s concerns for rules, regulations, and issues with career security. In addition to uncertainty avoidance, both individualism and power distance are also ranked fairly high, with masculinity ranking the lowest (Geert-hofstede, 1973).

GDP by sector: Services at 78%, Industry 20% and Agriculture 2%. France is the most visited country in the world with 75 million foreign tourists every year. Major economic issues: tax burden (50% of GDP) is the highest in Europe; unemployment has been close to 10% for decades; economic growth is sluggish; urgent reforms keep being postponed because of public opposition (executive planet, 1998).


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