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If we look into the stage gate commercialization flow chart, it is based on 5 gates that come after every stage simultaneously. The process starts from the new product idea that brings the entrepreneur to the gate 1 where he looks into different options and choices that he can choose and allow him to complete the stage 1 accordingly.

Here are critical events in the commercialization of Facebook against the stage gate timeline of commercialization;

The timeline used in the class for the Facebook commercialization is not very complicated. Mark Zuckerberg started from

  1. IDEA (taken from Facemesh and CourseMatch that was further refined by the Harvard Connection ). He presents it as a Prototype for the college students to increase the college life experience and provide more opportunities to connect with friends. At the second stage, when there comes need of
  2. SCALE UP we saw that Zuckerberg was confident that his idea is the best and it never finish. So Facebook was introduced to other universities and was warmly welcomed. So, we saw immense.
  3. GROWTH, now numbers of new schools, universities, countries, and even non-educational participants enter into Facebook arena.
  4. At the time of FUNDING, there was need to revise the share. We knew that Facebook was started with 70 % Zuckerberg and 30 % Eduardo shares. Now, there was need for a coder so Zuckerberge shared his 5 % with the Dostovki while their roommates did marketing through viral media. MONETIZATION was not a good idea as Facebook was cool and not fit for advertizing so investment on the part of Eduardo made for increasing the numbers of servers by getting shares from Angel Inc.


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