Detailed Itinerary for Venice

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Venice is one of the most romantic cities in the world, it usually draws legions of tourists during the peak travel months of May through early October. There are so many places that one can visit in Venice along with the small cafes that have some their historic values attached to them. As two of the clients are interested in visiting Venice at the same time on the same dates, the only difference is of their age. One couple is in their mid 20s who wants to enjoy their time together enjoy the weather and the romantic spots around Venice and the other couple is in mid 50s who are more keen towards exploring the historic part of Venice.

Today’s market has begun consumer driven it is important to satisfy customers in each and every aspect, and for this reason the marketer has to delight the marketer to achieve success. Main reason to select the activities and places for each couple is because of their location and attraction, easy to access, not that expensive as compare to other activities that people undertake while their stay in Venice.


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