CSR Policies and Strategic Management

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CSR Policies and Strategic Management


It is true that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policies have long roots because these practices have not developed and established at this time but these practices have been practiced in the multinational organizations for the last numerous years.

Apart from its long history, this concept is still very new for many local and international organizations. CSR practices include community actions, environmental actions, employee development through training and counseling, safety facilities to employees, valuable products, and pollution free production processes etc.

The implication is strong that CSR practices have strong connection with the strategies and decision of the companies these days. Currently, these are considered to be an important part of planning because organization can use these practices to fulfill major targets such as profit, growth and long-term survival in a true sense. It is very difficult to achieve corporate targets by only depending on internal and external strength by companies such as strong products, heavy and efficient marketing campaigns, companies also need to make sure that certain ethical, legal and political obligations also need to be followed.


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