Case Study on Becton Dickinson

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In 1988 when the field test were completed by Becton Dickinson, the company than decided which size of syringe to market, this decision was mainly based on the data collected and the results retrieved from the field test. Though Becton Dickinson had four major syringe sizes, 1-cc, 3-cc, 5-cc and 10-cc, now the only decision was which syringe will be marketed with the protective sleeve. Since Becton Dickinson bought the exclusive rights from Sampson and Mitchell, the company now had the sole decision power to decide which product to market. Though the field tests were already done, and all the product range should and must be introduced in the market, still the company had no obligation to provide the safety syringes in all its sizes, as there were various other factors that one can consider from Becton Dickinson view.


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