Capitalism Benefits Everybody

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In general capitalism is not a single concept, rather it is mostly used to refer different stages of political and economic organization. Capitalism can be described as a social system that is primarily based on the recognition of individual rights, along with property rights that are privately owned. According to Shiller, 2012 capitalism is a complex invention that keeps changing all the time, at the same time being as capitalist we have to constantly innovate and keep up with the times.

From the perspective of the supporters of ‘free market’ capitalism make the claim that their system does not only benefit everyone but more specifically the working class people. In order to be able to do proper analysis if capitalism benefits everyone, the key problem in the process of evaluating such claims would be mainly the fact that an economy, of a society is a very complex system that mainly evolves through time (Locke. E, 2007). In order to be able to properly analyze such claims must be based on the looking at different countries during different periods.


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