How can Governments prevent the Spread of Disease

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How can Governments prevent the Spread of Disease


In the wake of recent terrorists attacks and because of the increasing fear about the spread of contagious diseases various governments have become increasingly aware of the need for the comprehensive public health response to such events. Many governments are trying to come up with new rules and policies in order to make sure that their countries stay as much cleanly as possible from un expected diseases.

Medical approaches to health promotion have produced important gains in health, all around the world. It is very important to identify individual risk to disease in order to promote health and prevent disease (Verrinder. G, 2010).

When government use medical approaches in order to promote health, such procedure is known as Selective Primary Health care (Verrinder. G, 2012). Surveillance and screening are the two most common types of methods used by any government in order to prevent the spread of disease, in many countries such system mainly falls under the jurisdiction of national governments


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