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Business Planning Zara - Assignment


This initial statement is a plan to disclose the intention of beginning a Zara Store in within a new market (Bhatia, 2000). Zara is an international retail company that deals in clothing and accessories. The company is based in Spain and was founded in 1975. Currently it has several stores in different parts of the world especially Europe and the Middle East where majority of its stores are located. Zara being a successful company within the area of clothing and accessories, it can easily develop a new product and make impressive sales in short time. There are number of brands and the company sales in its stores including the famous pull and bear, and Massimo Dutti (reference required). Each year, the company launches new designs of cloths to keep up with the trend in the fashion industry and to deliver the needs and wants of its customers. The designs are based on both local and worldwide fashion trends.

Because the company has established a well known brand in the fashion industry worldwide, opening another store in any new market will not be a big issue for the company. It is for this reason that the company should open a new store in Melbourne Australia to expand its market. Currently, the customers within this particular target market are offered with a variety of attire to choose from, many local and international brands are already available in the market. Considering the fact that Melbourne is such a diverse place, it would be nice to give the dwellers a taste of indigenous fashion and clothing material from other parts of the world


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