Business Plan Summary Dimo Aluminum Company

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Business Plan Summary Dimo Aluminum Company


Dimo Aluminum Company limited is operating in Australian’s markets for last 35 years to date very successfully. It is not easy to stay in any market for so many years by earning substantial profits annually.

Firstly, it is very important to note that this company has earned profits as well as performed exceptionally well in the period of recession because recession is a worse situation for all types of markets and companies around the world so it can be assumed that it is a strong company financially.

In this report, several aspects have been evaluated regarding incorporation of new proposals through which the decision of business plan revision can be taken by the company.  First of all, it has been studied that how much potential company carries currently. Company is trying to enhance its business through diverse business line such as water recycling plant and by extending its existing product lines. In short, company has two optional proposals to expand its business.

Three hours interview has been conducted to understand overall nature of the company, its strategies, human resource strength, financial position, market position, and current position at business life cycle. At this point of time, it has been reviewed that company is at the maturity stage of the business life cycle (Gordon n.d).


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