Brand Loyalty

Subject: Marketing

Word count: 2000

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Brand loyalty refers to the extent by which consumers become faithful to a particular brand. This is expressed by their repeated purchases, regardless of the marketing pressure brought by other competing brands. In this case the customers will stick to that particular brand irrespective of the prices even if there are similar brands in the market. Brand loyalty is a consumer behavior depicted by loyal customers and will therefore be affected by personal preferences. In this regard therefore, brand loyalty will have an effect on purchases made of the product. It may also affect the customer’s ability to decide whether or not to buy that particular product. This essay therefore, is based on the influence brand loyalty has on the customer behavior and the product. The relationship between brand loyalty and customer preference has made companies to use different strategies to cultivate and get the attention of loyal customers. Some of these strategies include: the use of loyalty programs (e.g. rewards) or trials and incentives. The main argument in this paper is therefore, geared towards answering the question: Is the use of rewards and loyalty cards an effective way to build brand loyalty?


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