Blue Water Cottages

Subject: Business

Word count: 1200

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Assignment Preview

Blue Water Cottages


This report has been made to fulfill some material objectives of the Complex named as “Blue Water Cottages”. As every business has some targets and objectives, accordingly this business also contains some significant targets as well. The major objective of the report is to investigate and an analysis whether Shelley’s current properties might provide some insight into the type of property they should be considering purchasing. Moreover, this report will also investigate the capacity of the complex in relation to profit. The owner of the complex is concerned to see how much popular his business near the Kennett River Melbourne as compare to other cottages in terms of their night rates, profitability, and popularity. She is running this business with three cottages and is managing the business individually. Currently, there is big demand of travelers for cottages and these three cottages are not meeting the demand so Shelly is looking forward to purchase a new cottage to meet the current demand of the customers. Shelley is concerned to know about the possibilities and suggestions that are based on profitability.


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