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Bakers Delight


Bakers Delight is one of the most successful bakery franchise in Australia with around 700 bakeries around the globe. The major focused areas of their operations are Newzeland, Australia and Canada. The origination of the name “Bakers Delight” is from the belief that every baker and customer will be delighted by their product. The service they provide is good enough to delight the customers about the product, while in case of baker the product he bakes, he should be delighted about it. Bakers Delight culture and practises revolves around the same belief.

The stakeholders for the business are the people who are attached with the business in some way. Whether it shareholders, employees, suppliers, customers or society, who so ever is affected by the business are categorized as the stakeholder of such business. When looking in to project management and dealing with the project success, strategic framework and social environment of project management than project stakeholders are often mentioned as essential players in projects (Polonsky, M.J. 1995). Hence, Bakers Delight’s direct stakeholders include shareholders, employees, suppliers and customers.

The mission of the company revolves around the brand name. As mentioned earlier regarding the origination of the name, that is, every baker should be delighted about the product he bakes and every customer should be delighted about the service they get.  MVV statement clearly has an impact on company’s operations and the customers’ satisfaction level. Cleland (1986) introduced stakeholders and the overall management process as project management canon, as in such projects stakeholders are of prime importance.  The suppliers are well aware of the quality requirements Bakers Delight need and hence supplying the products according to the standards.


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