Athletic Cycles Strategic Plan

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Athletic Cycles Strategic Plan - Report


The following report will be based on Athletic cycles and its two key products cycles will be produced in Australia where few major parts will be imported from China. Athletic cycle will not only provide usual experience but will also have extra features to keep the users active and make their experience enjoyable. It contains a strong motor of 1.5 to 2.5 horsepower (HP) continuous duty. The handle bars are strong enough to provide a stable and fix position to riders. It will not create any kind of disturbance to block your arm motion and provides an easy grip.

One of the world’s fastest, healthy, environment friendly and cheapest means of transportation is cycling. It not only reduces pollution to provide care free environment, but also improvises human health by burning massive amount of calories. By keeping the same benefits in mind, the chosen business for the assignment is a new brand of bicycles called “Athletic cycles“.

Athletic cycles consists of a workforce over 40 employees, having outlets in all the major cities around Australia. The major feature of Athletic bicycles is that it has a sensor installed in it which automatically changes gear according to the weight of the cyclist. Although the cycle also has a meter to set the gear manually according to the weight and age of the cyclist but its automatic function is specially designed keeping the calorie burning process in mind for people of all age.


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