A Report on RentMe

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A Report on RentMe


The RentMe has been selling its unique products including A/V aids, office equipment, and computers to its corporate clients in the country since a decade. It has established a good repute among its retailers. Its products are reliable and have warranty to provide maximum benefit to the customers. These products have logical demand and electronic department is developing fast. There is great advancement in these products and people are crazy to have latest version of these equipments are introducing in the market. The company is at clear advantageous point. As company is offering three different products so there are less chances of negative impact on the overall sale. Company remains in stable financial condition. RentMe is targeting only retail customers and discourages individual sale and rental activities. With the rapid development in the electronic field and increasing demand for the latest equipment and computer, the company is enjoying good repute and offer maximum advantages to customers serving in job, studies, or entertainment and hundredths of thousandths users are enjoying benefits.

RentMe will be positioned as a high end electronic dealer that enables musicians, computer operators, and businessman to play, operate and decorate their melodies, projects, and offices respectively. There are many rivals in the same industry and are offering different incentives to capture a big market. However, RentMe has established a good repute.

RentMe will sell its products in retail markets where computers and audio video equipment is sold through traditional shops owners, online through website marketing, and advertise on the TV. The potential market is very promising offering broad market for the products. IBM computing had sold over 7.5 million units as of April of 2000 with an estimated 10.5 million total units in the market from all manufacturers.


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